Former MySpace Exec Allen Hurff Working On A Startup Incubator

Allen Hurff, the former SVP of Engineering at MySpace who left the company earlier this Summer, will apparently be launching a startup incubator as his next venture. An anonymous tipster points us to the man’s LinkedIn profile, where his current activity is listed as ‘Facilitator of the WebSquared Era at SoCal Incubator (Name Not Disclosed)’.

So all we know at this point is that the incubator is or will be based in Southern California and that there’s no name for it yet. It might be called WebSquared actually, because as Trendslate correctly points out Hurff also reserved a Twitter account named @websquared. In case you don’t know, ‘Web Squared’ is a name that’s being kicked around as the (in my opinion just as ridiculous) successor to the late ‘Web 2.0’ term.

Hurff spent four years working for MySpace, where he and former SVP Operations Jim Benedetto were largely reponsible for building up the company’s technology team (Benedetto left the company last March). Hurff also played an integral role in MySpace‚Äôs adoption of OpenSocial, serving as Chairman of the foundation.

We’re contacting Hurff for more information and will update when we hear back.