CrunchDeals: Retro NES-like console for $15

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Dig up your old NES cartridges, ladies and gents, and prepare to blow them. Wait. Blow out the dust from them. That’s what I meant. has the “8-Bit Retro NES TopLoader Video Game System” for just $15 with free shipping.

Sanctioned by Nintendo? Probably not. Two controllers included? Maybe. There’s really not much in the way of a product description aside from “Dust off your old NES games! This NES top loader system will play all your classic NES 8-Bit Cartridges.”

Whatever the case, it only costs $15 and it’s managed to grab the top sales rank on today. So get while the gettin’ is, how you say, good.

8-Bit Retro NES TopLoader Video Game System [ via FatWallet]

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