T-Mobile introduces first pay-as-you-go Android smartphone, dubbed Pulse

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T-Mobile UK this morning announced the Pulse, the first pay-as-you-go Android 1.5 smartphone and the third coming from the network operator.

Available for £180 starting October exclusively on T-Mobile, it boasts a 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen display, the biggest yet on an Android handset, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a TeleNav-powered GPS (more specs below).

The new device comes courtesy of Huawei, which had been rumored to be working with T-Mobile since displaying a device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year.

More details about the device:

The phone runs on a Qualcomm’s MSM7200A chipset and weighs 130g. It features a trackball and a 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen display with auto-rotation.

The T-Mobile Pulse also features a 3.2 mega pixel, auto-focus camera (no flash) that allows photos to be uploaded straight to the Internet, a 2GB internal memory and a micro SD card slot for storing media. The handset also offers access to corporate e-mail through the Road sync client, and boasts enhanced social networking and community features.

The T-Mobile Pulse will be available across T-Mobile territories. Monthly contract rates still need to be determined, but the purchasing price is £179.99.

Motorola is also expected to announce Android devices this or next week, HTC is working on more devices, there’s Lenovo, Dell, Archos, Acer, Sony Ericsson, and more. Google has stated that there will be at least 18 phone models using Android worldwide by the end of this year, so expect to see many more Android handsets from these and other manufacturers launching this Fall.

  • dcowlives

    Is it absolutely confirmed this will be an Android device?

    The screenshot looks more WinMo than Android, with the menu bar and those hardware buttons.

    • Todd

      Yes, that’s Android. You can tell by the top task bar. That’s definitely Android. And the main clock in the center. That’s pretty much standard. As for the bottom, it’s just a skin on the deck that slides up. This is also standard for any current Android device that uses a skinning application, like OpenHome. Mine looks alot like the Palm Pre at the moment, but I might change that today.

    • http://www.dotcominfoway.com/mobile-application-development/i-phone joaquinadley

      We can expect to see many more pay as you go handsets from T-Mobile

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  • imma

    wondering how push email, etc works with a pay-as-you-go … still, looks pretty shiny

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Iggy_Kin/671131373 Iggy Kin

    Nice progress for T-mobile. What’s good for Android is bad for iphone and WinMo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Martyn_Butler/553467645 Martyn Butler

    At Last – a pay-as-you-go droid – Brilliant

    Now all I really need is a DEAF TARIFF

    Nine million people in the UK (15% of the population) suffer from permanent, disabling hearing loss.

    The estimated demographic figure has ranged from 22 million deaf and hard of hearing to as high as 36 million deaf and hard of hearing worldwide. Of these, only a few million are considered “deaf” and the remainder are hard of hearing but cannot use a phone.

    for 30 years this group has had to PAY for Unused “Call Time” and I for one is sick of it.

    Surely for a majority of us that really dislike phones wishes a network would provide a worldwide backbone for these data only services.

    A revolution is taking place in the mobile device market – Smart phones like the Pulse – Hero and other Google / ANDROID phones will be introduced later in the year are truly open source – this means the software is free – and thousands of developers are busy creating useful applications that would truly enrich our lives – live email – instant messengers – Live Subtitles – video on demand ….

    I want to hear from DEAF Users – (especially the angry ones that are fed up with the way DEAF users are treated) by phone networks. Call centres – paying out every month for hundreds of so called “FREE TALK TIME”.

    Well I have had enough of 25 years of FREE TALK TIME I CANNOT USE.

    • http://blog.mo.md Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

      Hi Martyn,
      I am hard of hearing (hearing aid) and would love such a tariff, especially for worldwide data plan.

      What were you proposing to do to get the deaf tariff going?

    • Thomas

      Just wondering, but does using the Text Telephone service go out of your ‘Call Time’?!

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  • Chuck Steel

    No wifi? I’m guessing that’s how they’ll make sure you keep buying service every month. Otherwise you could get yourself a cheap stand alone device here.

    • http://techcrunch.com Robin Wauters

      Both WiFi and Bluetooth are supported

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Iaki_Rodriguez/1438692852 Iñaki Rodriguez

    The first pay-as-you-go in UK, no the first pay-as-you-go Android.

    You can buy pay-as-you-go Magic, Dream and Galaxy in Italy.

  • http://www.billplant.co.uk Driving School

    When is this phone available?

  • JamesR

    The ‘deaf tariff’ exists already. Get a 3G dongle and put the sim in your handset. You can’t do voice calls but you can text and use data.

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  • Katheryn

    I have a question, is an android phone kinda like the iphone? (seen here: http://www.computersncs.com/rd_p?p=191614&t=9544&a=29670-siphone&gift=29670)

    What does it mean when it is called an “android” phone?

    • altrenda

      No, Android phones are not yet available from sleazy, rip off hucksters.

      Android phone means there is a little robot inside.

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  • Daniel Buchner

    Oh Steve you better get ready! The Android open-source train is screaming down the rails and the iPretentiousDevice has a HUGE target on its back. I really feel bad for Apple in may ways, they are seemingly the dork little guy being boxed out on the OS, Web, and now mobile front, by two huge, football playing jocks that keep stuffing them in their locker after 3rd period gym class.

    MS and the Big G are essentially lying in waiting for Apple to drop the soap… I digress.

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