Pizza Hut partners with blinkbox to offer food and flicks package

Wonderful news for geeks: Pasta Pizza Hut is partnering with online film and TV aggregator blinkbox. Soon you’ll be able to order your extra toppings right alongside your Hollywood blockbuster from a co-branded website, and you’ll get 20% off the movie rental (well, stream) when you order your grub as well. Perfect for all those late-night coding sessions!

It looks like the site will only allow you to choose from eight films a week, which is a pity, but this is one of those recession-busting, cashing-in-on-the-credit-crunch type things that will probably do very well. (I mean, have you got the cash – or time – to eat out every night?)

On case you’re not familiar with blinkbox, it’s one of the leading online movie aggregators. It has a catalogue of over 5,000 top tier movies from the major studios and was founded by Michael Comish and Adrian Letts with investment from Eden Ventures, Nordic and others.

Now, if only somewhere in the UK would start selling Mountain Dew