BT and Google join forces to offer AdWords support to small businesses

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OK, so they haven’t officially called it Boogle (possibly because there’s something called that already), but we thought we’d get in there before anyone else does. So what’s it all about? Well, BT is shortly to become an authorised reseller of Google AdWords, as part of a new a deal designed to help small businesses boost their online marketing performance. BT Business customers will now be able to get professional, full-service AdWords account management, including set-up and ongoing campaign monitoring. Currently, over a million businesses in the UK are served by BT Business, including the 350,000 members of BT Tradespace.

This is great news for businesses that don’t have the talent to manage AdWords campaigns in-house, particularly non-tech companies for whom the internet can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. For the rest of us, it promises improved AdWords support if you’re already a BT Business customer and perhaps a little weight off your marketing guy’s shoulders.

  • goalie

    You mean BT Business will resell & provide account management, right? Not BT Business customers

    • Milo Yiannopoulos

      Oops. Ta.

  • Paul Botero

    Adwords is a pretty effective tool and with BT involved it can be taken to new levels, however I feel this relationship will be costly, in the long run, for small business.

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  • Alex Bellinger

    How much does the account management element of this cost? Will BT be hoovering up/outsourcing adwords specialists to provide the service or using internal resources?

  • Mark Williams

    Google has also just leant its weight to a recently launched website for new UK businesses called the Start Up Donut []. It’s packed with free, practical advice about setting up and running a business. By becoming a registered site user (there’s no charge), you can access a range of handy resources and get free Google Adwords, plus a free monthly business advice-led e-newsletter. The site is well worth a visit…

  • facebook application developer

    Adwords is the most used tool for keyword analysis, personally i also use adwords and nichebot classic. It is good to see that Google is now targeting towards small businesses as well

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  • Pete Graves

    Does anyone have any information about the techniques BT are using to “optimise” Adwords campaigns?

    We have been contacted by one of their clients whos web site traffic has dropped like a stone since BT took it over, would be interesting to see what kind of “techniques” they claim to be using.

    Looks like there’s another big player in the world of the Adwords scam now!

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