Sony pimping 3D this year

This is not what Sony’s solution will look like

The FT is reporting that the Sony press conference I’m about to attend here at IFA in Berlin will feature lots and lots of 3D televisions, news I’m hard-pressed to describe as exciting.

Sony is working on releasing more 3D compatable Bravia TV and content is coming for the PS3 and Blu-Ray. What does this mean for you and when will you see real, interesting 3D content? I’d say in about 2011 when consumers start deciding to buy new TVs. Until then, don’t hold your breath.

Sony’s technology uses an active shutter in their glasses, opening and closing each lens in rapid sucession in sync with the images on the screen. Presumably this gives you better 3D perception.

When will 3D really take off? When it doesn’t require glasses. No one wants to wear glasses. They want the Death Star floating above Admiral Akbar’s head in Star Wars and not some