Reinventing the bookmark: not necessary, but cool

bookmark-iiIf, like me, you tend to find yourself in the middle of several books, a six-pack of these things might not be a bad idea. You could just as easily use a piece of paper, or a string with a knot in in it, but then you wouldn’t be able to say you paid money for a bizarre rubber bookmark!

The idea, as you can see, is that the strap goes all the way around your book and the little arrow you put on the line where you left off reading. Elegant, although essentially a tarted-up string with a dot on it. The elastic nature of this particular string, however, lets it fit everything from a trigesimo-secundo to a folio.

I’ll stick with my “scrap of napkin,” but I appreciate what they’ve done here. Fortunately, the unavailability of this thing (not in production as far as I can tell) saves you the trouble of asking yourself whether it’s worth it or not.

[via LikeCool]