Picture frame does motion-activated snow flurries


This here is a photo frame that contains a proximity sensor. When you walk past the frame, it’ll activate a flurry of swirling snowflakes. So whichever 4×6 photo is housed inside the frame will take on the appearance of a wintery wonderland. All for just $25.

For best results, you’ll want to use a winter-time photo. That’s because if you had a photo of yourself at the beach and the fake snow started swirling around, your house guests would be like, “This is madness! Snow at the beach?! I have to get out of here before [INSERT HOME OWNER’S FIRST NAME HERE] locks me inside this house or apartment for all eternity!”

If you had a photo of yourself building a snowman, however, your house guests would be like, “Oh, that’s nice. How clever. Also, I feel safe in this house or apartment.”

Really Snowing 4X6 Photo Frame [Gadgets and Gizmos via OhGizmo!]