How much for 67 terabytes? Try $7,867

Backblaze 67 Terabyte Storage Pod from Backblaze on Vimeo.

Online storage provider Backblaze had a problem. They offer unlimited storage to their customers for $5 a month, but needed a solution to actually do what they were advertising. Enter “The Pod” — consisting of 45 hard drives, 4 SATA cards, and a custom made case, it’s a modular storage monster. And the best part is, they’ll tell you how to build one yourself, for free.

Well, the design plans are free, anyway. You’ll still have to pay for the electronics to build it. There’s a pretty complete parts list, and they explain in great detail how to build it, and some of the design issues that came up (vibration is more then just a sound problem, let’s put it that way). All in all, a pretty interesting writeup about a cutting edge technology.