Don't worry, Blizzard is trying to defeat the Door Boss once and for all. At least we think it's trying.


The Door Boss is a new phenomenon in World of Warcraft. You face him when you try to enter an Instance, only to find the error message, “Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.” It’s quite annoying when all you want to do is run through, say, BFD once before you go to bed.

And while the glitch is annoying, at least Blizzard seems to be doing something about it. Many Realms (servers in non-WoW speak) were offline yesterday well beyond what you’d expect during the normal Tuesday maintenance. Many of these Realms were down again this morning. It’s widely assumed that Blizzard is, indeed, upgrading the necessary hardware to make this annoying little glitch go away once and for all. So while it may have been a pain in the neck not being able to play for much of yesterday—the Realms that are down now are scheduled to return at 12:00 PM EDT—maybe it’s all part of the greater good.

I hope, at least. It’s bad enough that Aggramar, home to my latest alt, has crazy queues at night, but it’s worse when, after waiting 15-20 minutes just to log in, that you cannot run any Instances:


Patience, friends. Patience. (And yes, that’s my personal e-mail in that screenshot. I did the expected utility equation, and it’s not worth the effort to blot it out and still make the screenshot look decent.)