Are you on the Seedcamp Week 2009 shortlist?

Twitter has been going crazy over the last 48 hours as start-ups desperate to know if they’ve made it on to the Seedcamp Week 2009 shortlist have been bombarding @seedcamp with questions. The Seedcamp team spent much of this afternoon politely fending off enquiries until, finally, at around 5pm this evening, they began sending out emails to applicants.

41 start-ups have been selected to progress to the “interview” stage, where they’ll be met in person and quizzed about their businesses. At Seedcamp’s request, we’re not publishing the full list, but here are a few of the teams that made it:

“We saw a lot of ‘people marketplaces’, or talent exchanges, this year,” said Reshma Sohoni, CEO of Seedcamp. “We continue to be intrigued by music, but there are also iPhone apps, Android apps, companies targeting enterprises, new ways of automating back-end processes… Some of them are sexy, some less sexy, but many could be very real, money-making businesses.”

Did you make the cut too, but aren’t on our list? Leave a comment below if you wish.

As anyone who’s been through the Seedcamp process before will be aware, getting on to the shortlist isn’t an endorsement: it just means that the Seedcamp team want to hear more from you (it could be that your idea is so wacky and outrageous they just can’t help but drag you in to hear it explained in person). But up to 20 of those 40 teams will make the cut and get the chance to pitch during Seedcamp Week. TechCrunch Europe will be there to report on what happens – and we’ll be throwing the obligatory party on Thursday night.

For more information about Seedcamp Week, go here. You can also check out the list of this year’s mentors here. Good luck, everyone!