Windows Mobile 6.5 phones launching October 6th

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Which phones, specifically? We don’t have the slightest idea. But come October 6th, ol’ Redmond is saying we’ll have a “bunch” of new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones (known as “Windows phones” from here on out) to choose from.

In just a bit over a month, now, WinMo-devouts will be kickin’ around a brand new UI, a new application marketplace, and Microsoft’s backup service, My Phone. It seems like just about every big name is hopping on the WinMo 6.5 train; in North America alone, they’ve partnered with AT&T, Bell Mobility, Sprint, TELUS and Verizon Wireless, HP, HTC Corp., LG Electronics, Samsung and Toshiba Corp.

So what do you think – is it time to start showing WinMo some love again?

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