Videos: Is the PS3 Slim slower than the PS3 Fat? (We're talking miliseconds here.)

The PS3 Slim literally took the world by storm last week, shaking the Heavens themselves in the process. But this new development warrants our attention: is the PS3 Slim slower than the PS3 Fat (or is that Phat? Help me, Internet.)? A bunch of videos posted to YouTube certainly seem to indicate as such.

This one is the most egregious, showing how long it takes a Slim and Fat to boot a DVD:

And yet at the same time, here’s a video of Batman: Arkham Asylum, booting a hair faster in the Slim than in the Fat:

Why is this? Well, no one knows for sure, but reasons being bandied about include: new, slower motherboard used in the Slim; firmware wonkiness; and plain ol’ witchcraft.

Conclusion: this is not, as they say, a “deal breaker.” Enjoy your Slim like there’s no tomorrow!