PSA: SoCal wildfires spread dangerously close to communications towers

mt-wilson-towersObvious disclaimer: All of us here on the Crunch team are at all times primarily concerned with the well-being of all our friends, family members, and the millions of unrelated noobs who call Southern California home. However, as a site dedicated to bringing you, our favorite people, as much relevant news re: the mobile world as possible, we think it’s also important to provide these quasi-public service announcements from time to time as well.

As of this morning, August 31, 2009, the incredibly dangerous wildfires burning in Los Angeles county have basically doubled in size, claiming 21 homes and 2 firefighters’ lives.

Currently, firefighters are doing all they can to quell the raging fires, which are also threatening cell phone and TV / radio broadcast towers, as well as a historic observatory, situated on Mt. Wilson. In order to try and save these vital communications towers and famed observatory, five engine crews were placed in the fire’s path last night. For more, please tune into your local news station for updates.

image via claimsmantoo