Video Review: Delta Pilar ToucH2O

CrunchGear – Delta Pilar ToucH2O review from John Biggs on Vimeo.

I present to you the Delta Pilar ToucH2O, an touch sensitive tap. I’ve seen it online for about $400 so you have to really want to be able touch your tap to turn in on and off. Obviously this helps halt the spread of germs in the kitchen – you don’t really touch the handle that much – and it’s fun to live in future world. However, I’d be hard pressed to recommend the upgrade unless you’re a germaphobe or want to amaze the in-laws.

That said, it’s a lot of fun and quite easy to install. I’m about as handy as a three legged goat so the sheer fact that I was able to install the tap in less than an hour is a testament to the design and engineering. It’s nice to have a fancy electronic tap in the kitchen now, so that’s nice. If you’re fine with the primitive, early taps found in most kitchens I’m not judging. However, once they upgrade this baby to the 3.0 firmware and my tap can send Tweets then you’ll be totes jealous.

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