IBM Files Patent For Geek Couch Potato Dream: A TV Remote That Tweets

Slouchers on Twitter (you know who you are), take note: IBM is apparently working on technology that would enable you to blog or tweet straight from the remote control of your TV. The company has filed a patent for said technology with the USPTO, reports BaltTech.

The interesting part of the patent filing, which was submitted by IMB engineers last year but only surfaced online a few months ago:

A viewer selects a media program to view by use of a remote controller with networking capability.

Upon the viewer wishing to send a blog posting to a blog, the viewer determines whether a tag to be included in the blog posting is to be a pre-existing tag or a custom tag, wherein the blog posting comprises program information about the media program useful to identify the media program. If the tag is to be a pre-existing tag, the viewer selects the pre-existing tag from a plurality of pre-existing tags using the remote controller and if the tag is to be a custom tag, the viewer generates the custom tag using the remote controller.

If a protocol provided by the remote controller to send the blog posting to the blog allows a snapshot of the media program to be included in the blog posting, the remote controller takes the snapshot of the media program and includes it in the blog posting.

Imagine that: tuning in to Mad Men from the couch and letting your blog subscribers, Facebook friends or Twitter followers instantly know what you’re watching, even including a snapshot of the lovely Christina Hendricks, all by using your network-enabled remote controller.

According to the patent filing, the remote would even allow a viewer to not only communicate with a blogging service but also display responses to and from other bloggers with whom the viewer is communicating. That’s right, that means your buddies could be sending you an @reply or direct message with their opinions on the show (and the actress) and you’d be able to view the responses simply by using that super remote of yours.

Sign me up for one!

Screenshots from the filing: