Bambuser launches Android app for mobile video streaming

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Bambuser, the European mobile video streaming startup attempting to de-throne Silicon Valley’s Qik, has today launched its Android application on the Android market. That brings their mobile live video service to Symbian s60, Windows Mobile and the iPhone (jailbroken only), as well as through regular webcams.

Bambuser’s main claim is that it has the lowest latency out of all the mobile video streaming services. In order to keep the video stream as close to real-time as possible, the Bambuser app drops a few frames here and there, while at the same time storing locally on the handset any dropped frames or audio that can’t get through during the live broadcast. What data doesn’t make it through during the live stream is then sent immediately afterwards when the handset doesn’t have the pressure of having to live stream and display video at the same time.

To be honest, conditions vary so much between these players it’s often hard to tell, especially over 3G. However, having tried it myself I can vouch for Bambuser’s stability, although it’s quite clear that by being first to the game with mobile streaming Qik got a huge march on any new competitors and will be very hard to beat. And Qik’s direct link to the SIM card is also a great security feature designed to stop someone else – like a thief – streaming from your handset with the SIM removed.

Bambuser for Android v. 1.0 comes with support for all currently available Android phones running Android 1.5 (including Cupcake), incoming chat messages; broadcast in public or in private; Geotag broadcasts using gps.

Of course the iPhone remains cut off from these live streaming applications for now and Apple still won’t approve the unofficial Qik app which many top bloggers have been using for some time.

  • imoby

    Ahhhhhhh the world would be such a better place, without the whole APPLE approval bullshit that every app has to go through! Apple claims to offer the app store as a world wide community thing, but what good does it do when they fail to approve one stinking video streaming application! Thats one point for the Android on this one! I am a Iphone addict myself and I can never put mine down or even go anywhere without it, yet somehow Apple is making me lost my grip more and more nowadays!

    • Steve Brammer

      The biggest problem is that Apple allows local conditions in the USA (ie. lack of 3G capacity on AT&Ts network) to affect the whole world.
      Why can’t Apple split the app store into regions and let the parts of the world that have good 3G networks and are not controlled by AT&T have the network intensive applications and just block them for sale in the USA.
      Why should the whole world suffer because of local problems confined entirely within the USA?

  • joaquinadley

    A new and impressive creation of android app with live-stream technology, for all the mobile phone will be a tough,interesting competition between apple and the newly originated bambuser!!!!Will apple reject or accept the new service??? we will wait and see..

    • Omnibus

      This is so excitng and relavent because I traveled back in time several years before I read it. Fail.

  • Jonas

    One of Scandinavias largest news papers streaming live from the press conference about the acquisition of The Pirate Bay

    • Steve Brammer

      Regular reports during the Pirate Bay trial were also broadcast live using Bambuser.

  • guesserit

    Just played with it on my 3GS and the lag is about 3 to 6secs. Just like Qik on it’s lowest picture quality setting, except that here, the quality is much worse than QIK.

    They have a lot of catch up to do.

    • Tom

      With Bambuser the latency does not increase beyond that initial level, unlike Qik where broadcasts tend to lag behind more and more over time. Usually Bambuser gives you a latency in the 1-3 second range.

    • j

      Well, why not try the app for Android… works excellent!

    • tim

      If latency is a concern, iVisit on WinMobile phones will generally do latencies under a second, suitable for 2-way conversation. However, it only talks to other iVisit clients, not to the web, so it is really a different category. More of a videophone. But, not clear why latency should matter much for 1-to-many streaming.

      • Niels

        What if the definition of 1-to-many or 1-to-a few included the many or the few talking back to the 1… That’s how people often use Qik and Bambuser: The viewers can use the chat room and all messages show up on your mobile display. Gives a new dimension to videoblogging for example

      • tim

        You are right, latency does matter then. But unless they are talking back with voice, I can’t see that it makes a much difference whether you have 1 second latency or 10. It is going to take time to type. On the other hand, if you really want to talk about something, and the numbers are small, you are better off with something like iVisit.

  • Doris
    • Remontti Putkimies

      Erm.. nice.

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    just tried it out on my droid and it was super easy. nice!

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