Serious Sam HD for XBLA gets a ridiculous "supermercial" (fixed)

If you’ve never experienced the original Serious Sam… you disappoint me. I had more fun playing Serious Sam with my roommate (hi Pat) in college than in almost any other game I can think of — with the possible exception of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Fighting hundreds of enemies at once, bosses hundreds of feet tall, going for items you know are a trap — Serious Sam is a classic of the first order. And now they’re putting it on XBLA with a sweet graphical upgrade. I didn’t enjoy the second Serious Sam nearly as much as the first, but it’s plain fact that the graphics are way better.

Although I’ll always enjoy the original original, newer gamers might find this “HD” version more palatable. And if you’re not convinced, watch this absurd commercial they’ve put together.

[Fixed the video. The player automatically moved on to a new video and changed the embed in the background. Not convenient!]