It's A Meme! Get Photoshop Warmed Up And Win A Bing Tshirt

It started off as an innocent marketing mistake: Microsoft photoshopped a black man out of a picture for their Polish website and replaced it with a white guy. They left the black guy’s hand in the photo, but whatever. and that monitor still isn’t plugged in to anything at all.

Microsoft apologized and changed the Polish site to the original image.

But it’s too late. We’re already getting comments from users who are doing a little photoshopping of their own. This first one, which was submitted anonymously, shows a famous shot of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

We like it. But we think you can do better. So get Photoshop fired up and make your funniest (and yet not in any way offensive) version of the Polish Microsoft head replacement. No rules. Replace all the heads if you want to. Add costumes and props. And text bubbles. Whatever. Winner (chosen by our interns at the end of the day on Wednesday) gets a Bing Tshirt. You can have any size you like, as long as it’s XL. And we’ll even mail it to you for free. Just post your image online somewhere and add a link in the comments. Make sure to use a real email address so we can contact you.

We declare this a meme. Compete, and win.