Twitter Flew Above The 50 Million Uniques Mark For the First Time in July

July was a pretty monumental month for Twitter in terms of news and events. The microblogging site got a homepage redesign, officially adopted the word Tweet on its site, launched Twitter 101 and had a pretty serious document leak fiasco. And all of that took place in the only half of the month!

Which is why it may be unsurprising that Twitter passed a fairly big milestone sometime in July: Twitter passed 50 million unique visitors worldwide, according to comScore, reaching 51.6 million unique visits worldwide at the end of the month. Twitter added 7.1 unique visitors from June to July. Growth dipped slightly, with visits increasing by 16 percent from June. Twitter’s visits grew 19 percent from May to June, and saw 16 percent growth from April to May. But Twitter’s highest rate of worldwide growth may have been in the month of March, when the site grew by 95 percent, from 9.8 million to 19.1 million visits, according to comScore. June’s number may have been buoyed by the Iran election protests.

Twitter saw a slight boost in U.S. visitors, growing to 21.2 million visitors from 20 million in June, representing 41 percent of traffic. International visits now represents 59 percent of traffic, increasing from 55 percent in June. ComScore now counts it as the No. 47 largest site in the world, increasing from the No.52 spot in June and (surpassing the BBC and Craigslist).

As we’ve said in the past, these estimates only count traffic to Its important to note that since more than half of Twitter users don’t even go to the Website and use Twitter apps to consume and publish Tweets, Twitter’s total audience is even larger. But clearly Twitter is still growing.