Lazyfeed Goes Live For Everyone

We’ve been seeing a lot of projects and startups trying to speed up RSS feeds. Today, a service is launching that addresses some of the issues with a different user-interface. Lazyfeed, the realtime interest feed reader that launched last month in private beta at our Real-Time Crunchup, is opening up publicly today for anyone who wants to sign up.

Instead of signing up for a long list of blogs and news feeds, all you have to do on Lazyfeed is type in a topic and Lazyfeed will show you the most recent posts and articles with that tag from the one million blogs that it now indexes. (This number is up from 100,000 blogs at launch). Headlines and excerpts containing that tag appear in the main window, and if you want to follow that topic, you can save the tag in a column on the left. As you save more tags, your interests appear as a list, which reorder themselves according to the latest posts.

So instead of a list of blogs, you have a list of interests, and Lazyfeed goes out and discovers content for you around those interests. For any given tag you put unto the search bar at the top, it also supplies you with related tags just underneath that you can click on to explore further. If you don’t like a particular blog, you can remove it from your results. Another new feature since the private beta launch is that you can now share any post on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

I like not having to worry about programming my feed reader (that’s the lazy part), but I also see that Lazyfeed is missing some key blogs right now (cough, TechCrunch). Founder Ethan Gahng says that is just because the site is going through a database re-organization which wasn’t completed in time for launch, and that should fix it itself soon. The other big question how fast the index picks up new posts. He doesn’t use Pubsubhubub, like Google Reader now does, but instead uses some internal technology to speed up crawling and indexing. But if Pubsubhubbub is faster, he should use that instead. In the realtime Web, speed is everything.