Backpack cooler bag features solar charging and built-in speakers


What fun is going to the beach if you can’t bring a half-dozen portable electronic devices along with you? And let’s not forget how difficult it is to keep all those juice boxes cool. Yes, I said juice boxes. Drinking beer in the daytime makes me sleepy. Anyhoo, this bag features solar charging, speakers, and it’s insulated to keep your favorite libations cold.

At $85, the Picnic Plus Cooladio Solar Cooler is a bit on the pricey side, but maybe you happen to be pricing coolers, backpacks, solar chargers, and external speaker sets simultaneously. Let’s see what Sports Authority has to say about this product:

The Cooladio solar cooler from Picnic Plus is a thermal foil-insulated cooler and a solar-power docking station in one! You can plug in anything that needs charging or power – such as your cell phone or MP3 player – and keep your food and drinks cold at the same time! The Cooladio delivers on sound performance as well, with 2 speakers that offer crisp highs and thundering lows. There’s even a headset jack so you can enjoy your music in privacy.

Both crisp highs AND thundering lows? Oh my, please be careful. Those speakers do indeed look crisp and thunderous.

Picnic Plus Cooladio Solar Cooler [Sports Authority via Chip Chick]