Wondering How Seriously Apple Is Taking The FCC Inquiry? Check Out Their Home Page

Wondering just how seriously Apple is taking this FCC inquiry about their rejection of the Google Voice application for the iPhone? Just check out their home page, which is promoting the response they sent to the FCC last Friday.

Apple’s website draws 94 million unique visitors a month (Comscore worldwide, June 2009), and the home page is generally reserved for selling stuff. Today for example, they’re pushing the upcoming operating system release of Snow Leopard, as well as Final Cut, Macbooks and a promotion to give an iPod Touch to students who buy Macs.

The area reserved for “Apple answers the FCC’s questions” just seems out of place, and gives us a hint about how seriously they’re taking this whole situation. This is a PR war they’re engaged in, and they are using everything they have to spread their side of the story.

Last week I tore that response letter apart and showed how it was full of half truths, outright lies and lots of misleading statements. Apple is running for cover right now. And unless they want the FCC to blow this investigation wide open, they are going to need to retreat.

And by retreat, I mean this – look for Apple to accept the Google Voice app in the near future. They’ll say changes were made that satisfy them, but in reality our guess if no changes at all will be made to the app. Google, who’ll be happy with their tactical win, won’t stir the pot. And this will all be forgotten as the next crisis hits the news.