StyleRays Lets You Share Your Personal Style With The Masses

Fashion has long had a place in the Web 2.0 arena. There are online sample sale clubs, social networks around fashion and even fashion microblogging networks. StyleRays is jumping on the bandwagon by launching a microblogging site focused less on the actual fashion and more on style. What’s the difference you ask?

According to StyleRays, the site is focused on how you put clothes together and integrate brands into certain “looks.” Instead of answering Twitter’s question of “what are you doing?”, StyleRays looks to answer the question “what are you wearing now?” On the site, users can upload photos of what they are wearing, then tag the photos with the brands of clothes that they have on and publish their photos. Similar to Twitter, you can follow other users and their photos will appear in your stream. You can also comment on users’ photos and Tweet photos to Twitter and publish links to Facebook as well.

The site is pretty basic and currently doesn’t offer more features than microblogging your style photos. The startup plans to add daily style updates from the users you follow, conduct contests on style and implement a rewards system. The concept is fairly similar to TryMyFashion, a startup that lets users post short messages (just like Twitter—140 characters or less) and photos, videos, etc. about their daily fashion.