SocialToo Launches App That Allows You To Publish From Facebook To Twitter

SocialToo, a startup that lets you manage your personal connections on Twitter and Facebook, has launched a new Facebook application that lets you post updates to your Facebook wall, to Twitter, and any Facebook Fan Page you manage. This feature is particularly interesting after Facebook just released a feature that will allow Facebook Page owners to syndicate their updates from Facebook to Twitter — something that users have been asking for for ages. At the moment, it’s unclear whether Facebook will be extending this feature to Facebook Profiles.

Here’s how it works: after installing the application on your Facebook profile, you will be given a prompt in the Publisher’s drop down menu to publish via SocialToo Status. After authorizing your (via oAuth) Twitter accounts, you will be able to select a publish to Twitter option each time you post an update on your Facebook feed via the SocialToo Status option. You can also publish to various Facebook pages (if you are the administrator). When you publish via SocialToo Status, your updates will appear in your personal stream, along with a link to each destination, i.e. Twitter and Facebook Pages. There will also be a little green SocialToo quote icon with each post, differentiating the posts from a regular status update.

There a couple of other roundabout ways to publish updates from Facebook to Twitter that have emerged. An app called FB2Twitter lets you Tweet from Facebook’s Publisher to Twitter. But when trying the app out, I wasn’t able to publish to my Facebook feed. Another way to update Twitter from Facebook by pulling in the Facebook RSS feed into TwitterFeed but the whole process sounds confusing.

SocialToo’s app seems like one of the easiest ways to post from Facebook to Twitter at the moment. That is, until Facebook allows the ability to do this from your profiles and news feed. But its unclear if and when this will happen.