Twitt Sex: Because Everything Popular Needs A Sex Clone

screen-shot-2009-08-23-at-101033-pmAs a necessity for human life, sex has been a popular topic of conversation undoubtedly since the advent of communication. And thanks to various technology, things like phone sex are a part of our culture these days. So why not explore sex with the newest emerging form of communication: Twitter? Behold, Twitt Sex.

The site is very barebones at the moment, but it appears that it is hoping to be the the adult version of Twitter. But rather than being one of the countless sites built on top of Twitter’s APIs, it looks like Twitt Sex wants to be its own contained site that simply mimics much of the Twitter functionality in its own contained environment. And it actually has its own API.

Right now, there are only 2 users of Twitt Sex and creating a new account doesn’t appear to work correctly yet. But one of the first two tweets on the service shows what it will be about. It looks like the service will let you attach sexual pictures to your tweets, which then display in others streams. That should make tweet sex (the action, not the service) decidedly more visual and interesting — and should help with that whole 140 character limit thing (though being unable to test it, I’m not sure if Twitt Sex has that same limit).

While the service’s about page has no information yet, oddly, its Terms and Conditions page seems to be from 2007. Also weird is that its Privacy Policy page makes numerous references to, which may look like the old name for Twitter, but it’s not (that would be Twttr). While you might assume this is just an old site that never launched, the first tweets are from today and yesterday.

I’m shocked that it has taken this long for someone to come out with a Twitter for sex. But then again, there are plenty of people out there using the regular service for that purpose. Violet Blue wrote a good overview about it back in January in the San Francisco Chronicle.


[thanks Thiago]