Verizon BlackBerry Storm gets V CAST Video


We’ll openly admit it: We haven’t touched Verizon’s V CAST video service in years. We tend to avoid most feature phones as if their outer casing is made of unstable explosives, and V CAST and smartphones don’t tend to mix – until now.

This morning, Verizon is announcing that V CAST Video is now available on the BlackBerry Storm. It doesn’t come cheap: it’ll set you back $10 a month, and that’s before you factor in any per-download charges for the premium stuff. They’ve upped the resolution of the video to take advantage of the BlackBerry Storm’s screen, but it looks like they’re still chopping shows into little tiny bit-sized sections. If this all sounds good to you, you can nab the V CAST download right from the VZ Today section of the browser.

[Via Phone Scoop]