Southwest to roll out wi-fi to its whole fleet starting next year

Well, that’s one more reason to fly Southwest. Now that all the other airlines are cutting down on the frills that Southwest never really had, there’s no reason to fly anything but Southwest if you can hack it. Wi-fi has been a touchy subject for airlines, but the cost vs. customer satisfaction it offers is really hard to ignore. I guess that’s why they’re going to put it on every plane they’ve got!

Wait, wait, check this one out: now you can even play WoW in the air — talk about flying the friendless skies! Zing!

Seriously, though. This is great. Although personally I kind of relish the disconnection that comes with travel, it will be handy for those of you who like to idle on FriendFace or MyTweet and talk about what the guy down the aisle is doing. They say they’ll be expanding the service starting early next year, but would continue to do beta testing on certain flights until then.

The bad news is that once it rolls out, it will no longer be free. That may have actually been a major factor in the popularity of the service. I know I wouldn’t pay ten bucks for it… well, maybe if the flight was longer than three hours.

[via Electronista]