Sharp Japan links cordless phone to a touch panel

sharp_phone_frameEven in cell phone-crazy Japan, the fixed-line phone isn’t quite dead yet. And Sharp Japan’s JD-7C1CL/CW [JP], announced yesterday, is proof there’s still room for mild innovation in that area. The cordless phone is bundled with a 7-inch touch panel that can be used for various functions.

The screen (800×480 resolution) serves as a status indicator, address book, FAX display, clock and – perhaps most importantly – a photo frame. It’s equipped with 128MB of internal memory and infrared, meaning it can receive, store and display pictures you transmit to it with your cell phone. In addition, the frame supports SD/SDHC cards as well as memory stick and memory stick PRO.

Too bad the $400 combo is Japan-only (release date: September 25).