Twitter Outcasts: @Home, @Jobs, @Tos And @Privacy

Looking for the Twitter homepage? You can head on over to

Wanna learn more about the company’s terms of service or privacy policy? There’s and for you.

Interested in taking a job at Twitter HQ? Zoom over to

Just make sure you use nothing but lowercase characters when you type in those URLs, because you might get a little confused when you don’t.

Funny enough, there are a couple of users on Twitter whose accounts have almost the exact web address as the pages linked above, with the exception that you need to use uppercase characters to get to them. You can try it out by going to or for example. These and the @TOS and @PRIVACY accounts (I’m sure there are more like these) have in common that they were created a while ago – back in 2007 or early 2008 – and that Twitter apparently overlooked them or doesn’t really know what to do with them.

This is evidently not a big deal, but I wonder what will happen to these accounts now that we and TC reader Patrick Altoft – who alerted us to the anomaly – have started pointing them out. I’m particularly interested in who owns the @Home account; he or she must be getting tons of mentions.

Update: aaaand @HOME was suspended.

To conclude, don’t even try to get @TeCHCrUncH or whatever: it’s impossible to register the same account name even when you change some lowercase characters to uppercase and vice versa nowadays. Sorry.