Oh my god there's snow in football games now


When you’re playing Madden or PES or what have you, how important is it to you, the gamer, that exact weather conditions are accurate? That is, if it’s snowing in Green Bay in real life, do you expect to see snow when you turn on your PS3 and play a Green Bay-Vikings exhibition game? I ask because apparently there’s money in that.

You’ll note that Madden 10 has weather effects provided by data from The Weather Channel. QBs get tired mad quickly in the hot weather, gusts of wind knock the ball all over the place when there’s a hurricane off the coast of Miami, etc.

But that’s football, where they play rain or shine, sleet or snow, so it adds to the realism.

Then you take something like Tiger Woods 10. Normally when there’s more than one low-lying cloud in the sky the PGA Tour freaks out and calls the event off. But when you pop in the game and you can still play when there’s 60MPH gusts of wind and rain like nobody’s business…

Yup, weather in games. Tune in next week as we discuss which what color sandals go best with your nice, new sundress.