Hooray!: Don't expect crappy movie games from Marvel anymore


Praise jeebus!

Marvel’s Executive Vice President of Global Digital Media Group, Ira Rubenstein, said Marvel is done making crap games based on movies.

We are not doing movie-based games anymore,” Rubenstein said following yesterday’s announcement of Digital Comics for PSN at Sony’s GamesCom press conference. “Actually, wait … we are not doing crappy movie-based games anymore. You can quote me on that.

Oh, and the Iron Man 2 game from Sega is going to kickass because Rubenstein is around unlike the first Iron Man game (I didn’t think it was that bad), which makes sense since they opened up their own movie studio to stop the string of horrible movies that other studios have been putting out. Rubenstein goes on to say that the Thor game is going to kickass (my words, not his), too. I really enjoyed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so I have no doubt that Iron Man 2andThor will follow suit.

via Joystiq