Chad Hurley: That F1 Racing Team I Invested In Is Just Like YouTube

We recently broke the news that YouTube co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley had invested in the new U.S. Formula 1 Racing team USGPE (previously US F1). Now in a series of articles posted on, Hurley shares more details about the investment.

The most interesting article was this one, in which Hurley is quoted as saying he believes the new grand prix team can “do a YouTube” and become a huge success by doing things differently. Here’s the full quote:

“The business aspect of what attracted me to US F1 is just that, that it is a start-up. And it’s a very similar situation to one that would be in Silicon Valley. It’s a small team of talented, smart individuals trying to break the mould, trying to accomplish something that others think is impossible. I believe in Ken and Peter and the team that they have put together, and I believe that we have a chance to hopefully start from a clean slate and try to build a team in a different way.”

Hurley also said he hopes to be able to actually help the racing team “with business relationships, and helping the team with integrating technology – ways that they can leverage and benefit from social media and the Internet broadly.”

The full interview can be found here (it includes a bit about Hurley having had a conversation with Bernie Ecclestone, the primary authority in Formula One racing).

(Thanks to Darren Stuart for the tip)