Molyneux makes big promises for Fable 3, like he did last time and the time before

I remember being pumped for Fable. Go everywhere, do everything, blah blah blah. It wasn’t a bad game, but it sure as hell wasn’t the game it was supposed to be. Fable 2 was supposed to fix that, but it was saddled with many of the same ridiculous gameplay mechanics as the first. Why should I believe the third is going to be any different?

Molyneux says he’s throwing away the “foundation stone” of RPGs. Hasn’t he done that like twenty times now? I’ll always love him for Syndicate and Populous, but he’s got a lot to prove here.

I’ll probably play it, but I’ve got less and less faith in the guy. The “wide corridor” nature of his games always comes off to me as very restrictive, and while the ideas are sound, they’re not always fun. Remember Black & White? Why should teaching your giant monster to cast spells be a chore? Hopefully I’m proved wrong in 2010, when it’s scheduled to be released for 360 (and probably PC).