Mitsubishi Japan goodness: World's first TV with built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD, a projector and Blu-ray DVRs


Mitsubishi Electric organized a big press conference today in Tokyo, unveiling two new series of LCD TVs, three Blu-ray DVRs and a new full HD video projector. The two TVs of the BHR series are the world’s first featuring both a built-in Blu-ray recorder and an HDD. No announcements regarding release dates outside Japan were made, but here are the main details for every device, all prices and release dates and some pictures.

Mitsubishi Electric LCD-TVs (REAL MZW300 series [JP])

  • 3 sizes will be offered (40/46 and 52 inches (pictured above) for $2,000/$3,000 and $3,500)
  • all MZW300 models are full HD and come with 4 HDMI ports
  • contrast ratio: 20,000:1 for the 52-incher
  • “Diamond HD” technology for better picture quality
  • “Diatone surround sound” (5.1)
  • release date in Japan: October 21


Mitsubishi Electric LCD-TVs (REAL BHR300 series [JP])

  • 2 sizes will be offered (32 and 37 inches for $2,000  and $2,500)
  • the 37-inch model is full HD, while the 32 incher just features 1366×768 resolution
  • built-in 320 GB HDD
  • built-in Blu-ray recorder
  • release date in Japan:  October 30


Mitsubishi Electric Blu-ray DVRs [JP]

  • three models will be sold: the BZ330 (1TB) for $1,800, the BZ-320 (500GB) for $1,400 and the DVR-BV530 (320GB) for $1,200 (pictured above)
  • all come with a combination of a Blu-ray recorder/player and HDD
  • the DVR-BV530 also features a VHS recorder/player
  • release date in Japan: October 21 for the model with the VHS deck, October 1 for the other two DVRs


Mitsubishi Electric video projector (LVP-HC6800) [JP]

  • resolution: 1,920×1,080
  • brightness: 1,300 lumens
  • contrast ratio: 20,000:1
  • two HDMI ports
  • release date in Japan: September 15 (price: $2,500)

Credit top picture: Phileweb [JP]