Asus beats out Apple in slightly sketchy reliability index

Here is a chart. The chart shows that Asus has fewer problems called in per computer than any other PC maker, though Lenovo and Apple are hot on its heels. Now, regular readers will know that I’m not the resident Apple apologist, but in this case I might have to say that they’re not getting a fair shake here.

After all, Asus’ best-selling products have been small, relatively simple machines, many with SSD storage, and lacking high-end, high-heat, newly-manufactured components. That’s not a bad thing, but I’d say it’s also fundamentally less likely to fail.

The study was based on service calls to Rescuecom, which then sorted the ailing computers by brand. Once again, the method is questionable, as Apple users are overwhelmingly going to call an Apple store or bring the offending device in. I’d say that the wide range of devices made by Lenovo combined with its low number of call-ins makes it the winner here.

And how about that HP/Compaq? Ouch. Better work on that, guys.