UFO Cap umbrella keeps you cute and dry

Giving a kid an umbrella is like giving them an expensive, spiky club. One press of a button and whoop, there go eight kids eyes! I’d prefer not to give them that option until they’re old enough to accept the responsibility (some adults still aren’t) — so I’m hoping this delightful hat will be around when I’ve got kids.


I don’t think much explanation is necessary: it’s a hat that flares out into an umbrella shape, protecting the body from evil raindrops and freeing the hands for mischief. It’s not for sale yet, but the creator is hoping to get a distributor. Among the advantages listed:

1. Execellence
Ufocap doesn’t have a handle. So you can keep it in a bag like an umbrella.

Stop — you had me at “execellence.”

[via Everlasting Blort and Neatorama]