Skyscanner adds holiday search function

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Travel search and price comparison site Skyscanner has just been upgraded with a “holiday search” function, adding deals from Thomas Cook, Airtours and others. It offers total itineraries from these providers, rather than just flights. From today, it can tap into 35 million holidays. Trips can be searched by destination, duration and the type of trip and then compared by price, star rating and so on.

There’s a lot of competition in this space: Skyscanner is up against some very big and established players, including But it’s an attractive site with a pretty UI, and don’t forget that a lot of the competition, such as FlySpy, is US-based and US-centric. But Skyscanner, like Dealchecker’s holiday section, is focussed on Europe.

  • Steve

    Actually the coup here is for Affiliate Future. As soon as I saw the search results on Skyscanner it’s obvious that it’s using their technology.

    Getting their search technology into Skyscanner opens up their earning potential massively (as I’m sure Affiliate Future take a percentage on all bookings made through the system).

    Also, I’d say their main competition in this space right now comes from direct=tour operators, online travel agents and the likes of Travelsupermarket. Not Kayak et al (yet)…

  • Tim

    Skyscanner has somehow stayed under the radar of a lot of holiday makers, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad for it. It has, however, been how I have booked all my European flights for quite some time now since a friend put me onto it.

    It is just plain easier to use and cleaner to look at than most of its competitors.

  • George Coltart

    skyscanner is pretty much all I use.

    I dont get how these companies are EU vs US based, surely one can cover all? (flights at least)

  • RJ

    I would think the Euro market may be more lucrative anyway if statistics about the number of US citizens who own passports are to believed.

    They do a damned good job as well I might add, better than those competitors who have been mentioned.

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