Rumor: Canon G11 to lose five megapixels, gain swivel screen?

g11This one looks very very sketchy. The next generation Canon G* line should be coming in the near future, and the rumors are already starting to fly. And while the picture looks more convincing then your standard photochop job, the list of specs are questionable.

When you look at the leaked feature list it really starts to break down. The G10 has a 15MP sensor, the G11 rumor says it has a 10MP — 10 is plenty of megapixels (some would say 15 is too many for that sensor), but Canon knows that their target audience doesn’t like seeing numbers go down. There’s also no HD video option (which is becoming pretty much standard these days), plus the video out is listed as mini-HDMI, which is pretty much pointless with the recording quality shown. I’m calling shenanigans on this one.