Review: Epson Workforce 600 All-In-One Printer

The last Epson printer I reviewed, the Artisan 800, was a work of art. The Workforce 600 is the art of work. See what I did there?

To be clear, there is little to say about besides the speeds and feeds. A printer is a printer is a printer, no matter how printer manufacturers like to spice things up with claims of ink price or pages per second. That said, I’m fairly impressed by the Workforce 600. It printed a full ream of paper – about 300 sheets – over a month period and ran out of black ink once. The colors go a little more quickly – about 60 photos – and it prints black and white at 38 ppm.

The best thing about this printer is the Wi-Fi printing and scanning as well as its built-in card reader. I’ve had no trouble printing from anywhere in the home on this thing and the set-up was fast and painless on Macs and PCs. The images are a bit on the light side but when there is lots of color in the image it is sufficiently bright and attractive.

It also has a fax machine built in, but WTF grandpa? Who faxes?

This is more of a business printer. At $129 after rebate you’re not paying much for a scanner, fax, and inkjet. It is also important to no that you can get the Workforce 610, the next in the 600 line, for $199 and that the 610 has officially replaced the 600. This means the 600 could cost even less.

The only problems I saw? First, there’s no two sided printing. Second, the screen is a little small to get a real sense of the image you’re printing. The best part? Built-in scanning to memory card or USB key. This has been an absolute lifesaver and is one of my favorite features.

Bottom Line
So get the to the Epsonry if you need business all-in-one. Looking for some thing artsier? Take a look at Epson’s Artisan series.

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