BlackBerry App World hits the browser


Browsing your device’s app store is great when you’re on the bus, on the can, or on the run – but it’s a whole lot easier to take it all in when you’re at a full-fledged, big boy computer. Apple’s been leading the pack on this front, with iTunes providing a computer-side storefront for casual perusal. Google’s got a very limited selection of featured apps on display, and Palm’s got a whole lot o’ nothin’.

This morning, RIM is making their first move into this game. They’re not going the whole iTunes-esque standalone client route, fortunately; instead, they’ve launched the BlackBerry App World Webstore, which gives you an exhaustive look at everything they’ve got to offer right from the comforts of your browser. If nothing else, it’s a tremendous way to show potential Crackberry-addicts what they’ve got to look forward to if they make the jump – which, by our count, is just shy of 2,500 applications.