WhiteLabelDating.com poaches execs from Match.com and DatingDirect

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20377v1-max-250x250WhiteLabelDating.com, as its name suggests, is a service that enables you to build your own dating site. It provides software, billing solutions and hosting. All you need to do is feed in a brand, a bit of the design work and then market your new site. Pretty cool, huh? I’m not sure how much money is being made in online dating start-ups at the moment, but there are quite a few new players and many of them are experiencing large numbers of sign-ups. (Do people get randier in a recession? Apparently so.)

Anyway, WhiteLabelDating is clearly one of the feistier players in the sector, having just snapped up (or “seduced”, according to a witty press release) senior executives from two not-quite-competitors: Darren Damiano joins as Finance Director and board member from Match.com and Katie Mowe will also be joining the company as Consumer Marketing & PR Manager. Mowe was previously at DatingDirect.com.

  • Jack

    So this is the company we’ve got to thank for all those naff, generic, dating sites promoting extra marital affairs? I hope their pay is worthy of the karma that will one day come back and bite all the employees on the ass.

  • http://www.whitelabeldating.com Mel Kirk

    Jack – I don’t think that running the dating sites for FHM, Cosmopolitan, Mens Health, Maxim, Mens Fitness, Shortlist, Borders etc is naff…

    Yes, the remuneration package is generous, but the letters of thanks we receive every day from members who have found the love of their lives on our sites is what makes us want to come to work in the morning :)

  • Michael

    I agree with Jack. This company make setting up dating sites far too easy. How long before techcrunch bolt one on? The reason all those magazines have added them is for revenue – nothing else.

  • Kaylee

    Not cool. Do we really need anymore dating sites?

  • http://www.twitter.com/julesmorgan Jules Morgan

    Not sure if this was a press release or an article but nevermind…

    One look at the comments so far tells me that TCUK would be an EXCELLENT candidate for a dating arm. Where else can you find so many open minded men full of the joys of life?

    Never really understood why people would use the vast proportion of these mini-dating sites, but I guess they must do if these guys are growing.

  • Kaylee

    Last time I checked I was Female, Jules :)

    It does make you wonder how many of these men & women contained in their database know they’re appearing on all these ‘classy’ micro dating sites? I’d stick with the big players who specialize in only dating if I was ever to use such a service.

    Don’t give Mike any ideas. Techcrunch dating. 1000:1 ratio of men to women lol

  • http://www.inonlinedating.com/whitelabeldatingcom-poaches-execs-from-matchcom-and-datingdirect WhiteLabelDating.com poaches execs from Match.com and DatingDirect | InOnlineDating.Com: Online Dating Made Easy

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  • http://twitter.com/overheardatwld Truffliser
  • John Ardman

    I think that if more members are being driven into the system by lots of different sites then surely it is a good thing as users will have a better chance of finding a partner.

    Plus, it seems like a great way to extend your brand in to a new industry without the hassle of the “behind the scenes” work that is normally involved. I am pretty sure it is the same concept as Tesco car insurance or the JJB Sport credit card. If you have a strong brand that you can lend to a service and a strong customer following it just makes sense to add additional revenue streams to your core business and further monetise your customer base.

    • Cragpoint

      Hi John,

      How long have you been working for White Label Dating or are you really just Ross. Everytime there is a duscussion around White Label Dating you are up there defending them.

      It’s a really rubbish old trick from not very sophisticated Management at companies that are worried about the future

  • http://www.whitelabeldating.com Ross Williams - WhiteLabelDating.com

    Hi Folks – yup, maybe it is too easy for people to set up dating sites nowadays, but the fact is that these sites still make a lot of money for individuals and media owners alike.

    Most of our revenues actually come from individuals building sites on our platform within a particular niche. We cover a lot of niches (and yes, there are a few niches that perhaps I wouldn’t want to find my mother on!) but this is really a revenue opportunity from a technical infrastructure provider more than anything else.

    And Kaylee – a lot of the sites have different members and different functionality. We’re experimenting with things like virtual dating, 3D, etc and encourage our partners to provide as differentiated an experience as possible.

    And yup – I wouldn’t exactly go for a Techcrunch Dating site either – Arrington would have a field day!! :)

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