What is Comcast going to do with all its money?


Do you have Comcast stock? Are you concerned with all the money the company has in its coffers? Yes, that sounds ludicrous, being concerned that a company has a lot of money on hand, but the fear is that Comcast could be ramping up for a big media buy, something no one wants to see.

Back in 2003, Comcast made a bid for Disney, which Disney summarily rejected. Then it laughed at Comcast like Nelson from the Simpsons. Now, in 2009, Comcast has a few extra pennies in its Piggy Bank, and investors think it may be in the market to buy a big media company. The likes of Viacom and Time Warner are being thrown around. (How terrible would that be, Comcast finally getting into the New York cable market by buying Time Warner? If you think Time Warner stinks now!)

Anyway, this is largely speculation. See, it’s August, and there’ approximately 27 people currently on the island of Manhattan; there’s no news for miles. So, pick up the phone, call a couple of investment houses, get a couple quotes, bam, you have a story.