Apple's September event: iTunes and iPod only

As much as we’d like the Tapplet, or iPad, to make its debut next month, it’s looking like that won’t be the case — as we’ve heard. “Sources close to the company” say that the event will be on September 9th and will most assuredly not be Tablet-related. Instead, like last year’s September announcement, it’ll be new iPods and possibly that fancy new iTunes we’ve been hearing about.

While the inclusion of yet more services into Apple’s increasingly bloated all-purpose media player may be seen as excessive, you can always count on Apple to at least sell it.

As for the iPods, we can expect a capacity bump, price adjustments, and of course, the camera everybody’s been talking about. It’s been all but announced since the rumors started last month, but I get the feeling just a camera won’t be enough for Apple to announce; they’ll probably have some cool new service as well. How about photos shared directly to Flickr via nearby iPhones? No?

The real question is, will we see Steve? He’s been spotted in the wild. Don’t be surprised if he makes a cameo. They might be saving the big Steve reveal for the tablet, though.