Firefox 3.5 Not Playing Nicely With Twitter

Firefox 3.5, which we’ve ranted about recently, is not playing nicely with Twitter. In fact, for the last week at least users (including me, including today) have had a lot of problems updating status messages and following new people if they use Firefox 3.5. The site just hangs forever.

Twitter knows about the issue and says they’re working on it. And the odd thing is that the issue seems to come and go.

The worst part about this is that Twitter was actively promoting Firefox 3.5 downloads in July, and a lot of Twitter users are probably using it. This version of Firefox alone has around 4.5% market share already.

My apologies to Power Twitter, I originally (privately) accused them for the problems, and it looks like I was wrong.

I’m testing Twitter with a download of the most recent alpha build of Firefox 3.7, and it doesn’t work either.