Twitter now being used to direct botnets


Twitter. Twitter? Twitter! TWITTER! Yes, the world’s most important Web site has been co-opted by evildoers, being used to control personal information-stealing botnets.

Take a look at that screenshot up there. It may look like gibberish, but it’s actually nothing more than a base64-encoded text string. After decoding, unpacking, and the like, that string of gibberish leads to a file that will steal your soul!

Actually, it’s just a rogue DLL file that’ll send your sensitive info to any number of nefarious servers.

The problem is, if Bad Guys can use Twitter to send coded commands for botnets, the world as we know it is in danger.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Twitter’s security team is looking into the matter.

I now look forward to people encoding all sorts of nonsense into base64, then Tweeting away.

via PC World