Shiny Media debacle ends in a deal – Bright Station gets the fashion blogs

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The Shiny Media debacle appears to have been resolved (although, given the track record, we’re holding our breath). Here’s what happened. Shiny Media Limited – a pioneering blog network many thought would be the start of a new era in UK-based online publishing – went into administration on Friday 17th July and was bought straight away by a “phoenix” company, Shiny Digital Ltd, composed of, what appeared to be, the previous Shiny Media directors. The future of the blogs Shiny Media published hung in the balance. But we’ve now been passed a statement by Dan Wagner – who’s Bright Station investment vehicle was the original Shiny Media backer – which says that Bright Station has now done a deal with Shiny Digital, acquiring several of the former Shiny Media blogs. Still with us?

Bright Station said: “As of today’s date and in settlement of the outstanding dispute between the various parties, Dan Wagner, through a newly formed Bright Station entity, has acquired several former Shiny Media websites and blogs from Shiny Digital that catered specifically to the fashion community.” Update: The new Brightstation vehicle is Aigua Media Limited.

These are: Catwalk Queen, Kiss and Make Up, Bag Lady, Shoewawa, Crafty Crafty, Dollymix, Trashionista, Shiny Gloss, Star Trip and Nollie.

Meanwhile all other Shiny Media titles will remain with Shiny Digital Limited, these include sites like

In addition, although at the time it appeared that the new Shiny Digital entity had some kind of Bright Station involvement, they deny this, saying Shiny Digital “has no relationship with Dan Wagner, Shaa Wasmund [a former Bright Station partner, now CEO of Smarta] or Bright Station Limited.”

Got that?

But, we’ve checked with Ashley Norris – the former Shiny Media founder who formed Shiny Digital with his other co-founder Chris Price – and he says: “Yes an agreement has been reached”.

So perhaps this is indeed the end to what looked like a major disagreement – to put it mildly – between the former Shiny founders and their backers.

  • Mark

    Is Bright Station still making investments?

  • Shone Analogue

    Uh-oh. Andy Merrett’s not going to get any work done today.

  • Ashley

    Is this still news? Shiny’s been a shambles for years, its sites have very little quality control (or pride in their work). Time to move on. Brave when they started, but soon showed themselves to be amateurs.

  • Michael Litman

    I am highly confused.. but good luck to them all!

  • Derek Dull

    I’m confused. Does this still mean that the horde of unpaid Shiny freelancers are still up shit creek..?

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  • bob anon

    Bubble people … and the bubble has burst.

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