Sega goes democratic: vote for the next Genesis port now!

Having old-school games running perfectly on a console is one of the perks of this generation of gaming hardware. It wasn’t too long ago that the emulation scene was the only way to get 16-bit stuff running on your Dreamcast or whatever that thing was, Gamestation 2 or something. But now, not only do we get classic games for a few bucks, but we get to tell the companies which we want to see! Sega’s opening up voting for the next Genesis game to bring to XBLA, and damn, this is actually a hard choice.

The choices are Earthworm Jim, Golden Axe II, Shining Force, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, ToeJam & Earl, and Wonder Boy. Now, if that were Streets of Rage 2 (already on XBLA, as noted by a commenter), there would be no contest, but it looks like Earthworm Jim has the lead at the moment, and rightly so. Golden Axe II was pretty great as well, and… wow, Revenge of Shinobi was too. But of course, just because it’s the next one to be ported doesn’t mean it’s the only one. I’m sure these others will be back for another round soon, so don’t feel like you’re denying a game the chance to be born.