Rock that booty automatically

bootiePutting on protection can be a difficult moment. No matter if you’re a size 5, a size 8, or a massive size 15, getting that protection on in the heat of the moment while maintaining your cool is key. Now, there’s a dispenser that lets you slip that thing on with a minimal of hassle, helping you to look like the smooth operator you know you are.

After all, nobody wants to look silly when they’re putting booties on their shoes. Wait, what did you think I was talking about?

You look ridiculous enough walking around with them on, you don’t need to look silly putting them on. So “Shoe Inn” created an automatic dispenser for the shoe booties. Rather they are paper, plastic, or whatever, they got you “covered.”


Available now on their website for $100, it’s the perfect holiday gift for that person who uses protection on your list.