Leica à la carte lets you customize your M-series

If the only thing keeping you from getting a Leica was the non-interactive buying process, then you’re in luck. Leica’s new “à la carte” service lets you configure a new Leica from scratch, changing everything from the paint finish to the viewfinder magnification. Of course, there’s no way to skimp and get a “bare bones” Leica for some special unadvertised price; the first thing you have to choose is between the M7 and MP, both of which cost $4560 to begin with. After that, it’s all frosting.

If I did have an extra five grand laying around and felt like buying a Leica, I’d be glad to use this service. The logo on the top always bugged me — I can take it off. I don’t want real leather — I can choose classic leatherette.

The service isn’t offered for the M8 or M8.2 yet; maybe Leica wants to keep it special for the OG Leica fans.